Exclusive Networks Acquires Nuaware to Accelerate Channel and Vendor Partner Cloud and DevOps Opportunities

Exclusive Networks Acquires Nuaware to Accelerate Channel and Vendor Partner Cloud and DevOps Opportunities

Nuaware’s skills combined with exclusive networks scale and services continue to drive disruptive innovation with its own DevOps distribution play.

Exclusive Networks today is a high-growth, bone-in-the-cloud distributor at the forefront of cloud, fatsec ops, and containerization. Announced the acquisition of Nuaware, a cloud computing company. This action will immediately bring global scale and service capabilities to Nuaware’s solutions and portfolios, and Exclusive Networks, its vendors and partner communities will be unique in leveraging the huge demand shifts brought about by digital transformation. You will gain skills.

Jesper Trolle, CEO of Exclusive Networks, said: “The introduction of DevOps toolchains, containers, and DevOps is a truly unique niche area of ​​expertise that Nuaware has pioneered and offered. This acquisition puts us in a desirable position in this area. And our partners will be provided with an easy opportunity to take advantage of new high-growth opportunities. Large vendors looking at this market are looking for and established turnkey channel solutions. There are technical skill gaps in the ecosystem that require trusted support. We will be able to respond to these challenges in the future, and we will be able to achieve a significant difference from other companies, and we will be secure and reliable. We can continue to accelerate growth towards the next wave of disruptive technology in digital infrastructure. “

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Nuaware was founded by Zaheer Javaid and Luke Hasty in 2016 and has since been with vendors such as HashiCorp, Docker Enterprise (now Mirantis), Instana, Portworx (recently acquired by Pure Storage) and Twistlock (now Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud). Has continued to grow at an accelerating pace through his work. The London-based team, which works with large service providers and system integrators as well as a network of DevOps specialist consultants on implementations around the world, will continue to operate as an independent business unit under the Nuaware brand. We will continue to pursue disruptive new technologies and build partnerships with emerging high-growth vendors (eg Gremlin and StackPulse) in areas such as chaos engineering and SRE automation. The company’s high-value services, including business clues, business development, solution design and implementation, professional services, and comprehensive training courses, will complement the services of Exclusive Networks in the future.

Nuaware co-founder and board member Zaheer Javaid said: “We are very pleased to join our exclusive family. We believe this is the best way to scale up our solutions and continue to deliver optimal value to all of our customers and partners. Now is the best time to do it. Digital transformation is rapidly arriving in the enterprise and this pace will accelerate significantly in 2020. As a result, Nuaware and our specialty DevOps, cloud automation, Containerization technology is at a turning point. With exclusive support, we can aim higher, grow faster, and invest more to expand our uniqueness in the market. I can do it.”

Andy Travers, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing at Exclusive Networks, said: “Nuaware is very similar to Exclusive Networks in terms of culture, attitude towards innovation, and the ability to create unique value in a technology and market-destroying environment. Being one team in this way is Great news for both companies’ partners, including common strategic vendors such as Palo Alto Networks and Pure Storage. We expect Nuaware’s business to grow significantly and organically by supporting Nuaware’s plans for continued global expansion. And we see many more business benefits in expanding our know-how on new opportunities with exclusive networks vendors and resellers. “

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