Excella Selected to Provide AI Expertise to Pentagon

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Excella has partnered with the National Technical Information Service to assist the Defense Department and Joint Artificial Intelligence Center in harnessing artificial intelligence.

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The partnership involves a 10-month project in collaboration with NTIS and other joint-venture partners to support JAIC in creating a joint common AI framework and sharing platform, setting up sophisticated infrastructure for critical defense missions and departments, increasing DOD’s access to smart data, and building an AI technology model that better facilitates decision-making.

The deluge of complex data spanning the Pentagon is indispensable to protect U.S. safety and freedom, said Jeff Gallimore, chief technology and innovation officer for Excella.

“Cutting-edge AI applications can help DOD automate and accelerate data-driven decision making to improve department readiness,” he said. “The DOD is making great strides through JAIC, and our experts will help the DOD and its department leverage AI to advance data modernization efforts, technological capabilities and mission outcomes.”

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