Equifax Workforce Solutions Expands ACA Service to Help Employers Meet Their State Reporting Requirements

Equifax Workforce Solutions Expands ACA Service to Help Employers Meet Their State Reporting Requirements

Equifax (NYSE: EFX)  has expanded its Affordable Care Act (ACA) Management solution to help satisfy state reporting requirements for the states that have recently implemented their own individual mandates. In those states, employers have additional reporting requirements and must file the same information with the state as to the IRS, a potentially manual and time-consuming task for HR and payroll teams.

Equifax Workforce Solutions offers employers with employees in those states with individual mandates in place, the ability to automate the reporting guidelines and assist with these state-specific requirements through its award-winning ACA Management service.

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“The federal and state landscape for healthcare guidelines is constantly shifting and our team of ACA experts monitored and quickly adapted,” said Jason Fry, AVP of Employer Services at Equifax Workforce Solutions. “With our cloud-native infrastructure we are able to rapidly deliver new functionality to help support state-specific requirements for ACA reporting.

With several other states indicating consideration of individual mandates, we’re well-prepared to support our employers with workforces in the states that require, or will soon require, this additional reporting.”

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As the first-to-market provider, the ACA Management service from Equifax Workforce Solutions has helped tens of thousands of employers handle the nuanced and complicated system of federal ACA and state individual mandate regulations, while helping to minimize their risk of errors and costly penalties.

Designed to help make ACA reporting easier for employers, the automated service helps collect and aggregate the data necessary to help meet ACA obligations through integrated and automated technology that set employers and employees up for better success.

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