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EonStor CS Supports Auto-tiering to Optimize M&E Workflow

By Niraj Paliwal - August 18, 2021 2 Mins Read

Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, developed the auto-tiering function for EonStor CS (CS) scale-out NAS to optimize capacity usage and enhance access performance for ‘hot’ data of ongoing projects in M&E (media & entertainment) industry.

According to Forbes, the global M&E storage market revenue is projected to reach around US$16.5B by 2025. With COVID-19 impact and development of 4K video trend, there has been a demand for intense 4K/8K content creation. Digital storage plays a vital role here: an uncompressed RAW footage’s file size may easily exceed 100 TB. So, for a middle or large-scale company, PB-level capacity is commonly required. Since post-production studios usually adopt collaborative media editing, storage must as well provide high performance to serve simultaneous access requests from multiple video editors.

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EonStor CS is an ideal fit for M&E workflow as it linearly increases performance and capacity for the growing media content as new CS nodes are added. Moreover, CS now supports auto-tiering function leveraging advantages of both SSD and HDD. Using the system’s intelligent algorithm, the auto-tiering allocates data of ongoing projects in high-performance SSD media to satisfy requirements of collaborative post-production, which allows meeting fast project delivery time. And finalized projects are automatically migrated to the high-capacity HDD pool at the scheduled time, greatly saving costs. HDD tier can be established by either expanding all-flash CS node with HDD JBOD or by adding HDD nodes to the all-flash CS cluster.

“EonStor CS supports the auto-tiering so that M&E professionals could enjoy both high capacity and high performance, which means increasing storage efficiency and lowering TCO. Also, file migration is fulfilled automatically following the preset schedule, which helps to ease IT management burden and focus more on productivity tasks,” noted Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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Niraj Paliwal

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