Enhancing code-free programming for robotics and industrial automation

Enhancing code-free programming for robotics and industrial automation-01

Vention, the cloud-based manufacturing automation platform (MAP), is pleased to announce the launch of MachineLogic V4.0. This is one of its biggest releases since the initial product launch in 2018. Offered on a freemium and subscription basis, new users can leverage the full feature set of MachineLogic in its cloud version, with subscriptions required for those seeking to deploy equipment on the factory floor.

MachineLogic is one of several core products of Vention’s manufacturing automation platform (MAP). Focusing on code-free programming, the cloud and edge software provides a unified programming interface across robot brands (Universal Robots, Fanuc, and Doosan), actuators (linear axis, conveyors, and pneumatics) and I/Os (digital and analog). Expert and emerging automation practitioners can easily program robot cells and automated equipment using simple visual sequences from their web browser, or directly on a teach pendant connected to the equipment. The technology saves practitioners from having to learn several proprietary programming languages specific to each robot, PLC, and motor-drive manufacturer.

MachineLogic provides a plug-and-play software and hardware user experience with intuitive component detection and configuration, easy programming, and software-assisted deployment. It works in unison with Vention’s motion controller, MachineMotion, and the full library of Vention modular components. MachineLogic V4.0 also has several new features, raising the ceiling of equipment that can be programmed code-free, including multi-MachineMotion compatibility, simultaneous robot and actuator programming, and JavaScript lambda functions. The subscription offering also includes team onboarding training and access to Vention’s customer success team for ongoing support.

“MachineLogic is key to our mission of democratizing industrial automation, and subscribers can expect a series of additional features in Q3 and Q4 of 2022,” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO and founder of Vention. “We are only scratching the surface of the user experiences that are possible when you combine industrial automation hardware and engineering software.

MachineLogic V4.0 will be available  as of July 25th, with online training and education webinar starting the same week. For more information, including various subscription options and pricing, visit Vention at vention.io/programming.

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Code-free and advanced programming

  • Code-free application programming using visual sequences
  • Support for robot path planning, actuators/conveyors and I/Os
  • Tech mode for robot arms and actuators
  • Support for variables, conditions and loops
  • Advances programming through Lambda functions
  • Software-assisted machine configuration from digital twins
  • Automatic configuration checkers

Simulation and User Interface

  • Browser-based simulation of equipment
  • Virtual e-Stop and press button simulation
  • Drag-and-drop HMI building with library of UI components

MachineApps Integration

  • Path following
  • Cartesian palletizing
  • Cobot palletizing
  • Cobot machine tending

Hardware compatibility

  • Compatible with full library of Vention plug and play automation components
  • Robot arm agnostic for Universal Robots, Doosan and Fanuc Cobots
  • Multi-controller support for MachineMotion
  • External devices control through digital and analog I/Os

Machine Deployment

  • Simple “Cloud-to-factory floor” program download/upload
  • Automatic application checker
  • Manual jogger for robot arm and actuators
  • Operator-mode to run program in read-only

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