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Email Meter Launches to Help Enterprises Accelerate Team Performance & Productivity

By ET Bureau - March 26, 2020 3 Mins Read

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Email Meter, the leading email analytics solution, emerged from stealth mode with hundreds of leading enterprise customers, including Roche, Netflix, Uber, Decathlon and more. Founded in 2012 as a product within leading email migration platform ShuttleCloud, Email Meter provides powerful email statistics and analysis for Gmail enterprise domains — including insight into employee workload and response times — to help business leaders gauge and accelerate team performance and productivity.

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“Employee productivity is everything in business today, yet gauging performance in the workplace continues to be a challenge for most companies,” said Marianella Mace, CEO, Email Meter. “This is a critical need given more than half of U.S. workers are disengaged from their workday, according to Gallup. Over the years, businesses have adopted a variety of costly and time-consuming approaches with little results. They’ve added complicated platforms and technologies to their productivity stack, leading to app fatigue. And they have overlooked email — the most widely used tool, and arguably the richest source of insight into employee performance. That’s why we built Email Meter: to help companies unlock the power of email to help their teams become more productive.”

Email Meter delivers reports on email activity to users on a weekly or monthly basis, providing visibility into how many emails were sent and received, average response times, heatmaps for email traffic during the week, top senders and receivers, and more. Users can review details on their most vital communications and drill down to their statistics with specific individuals, including response time for those contacts and the optimal time to expect a response.

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Email Meter also provides a centralized dashboard enabling business leaders to manage all employee inboxes in one place so they can quickly and easily compare team members’ performance over time. In addition, Email Meter offers custom solutions and services for companies and teams. Email Meter is available to individual users and enterprise organizations in three service plans:

  • Basic: a free service that provides users with email statistics for Gmail and G Suite and offers detailed monthly reports on your productivity, workload and response times.
  • Premium: provides individuals and small teams with advanced analytics and a number of business-critical features — like access to custom reports, advanced filters, and exporting options — to granularly measure workforce performance.
  • Enterprise: provides customized team email statistics, all in one centralized dashboard. Robust security features, support for shared mailboxes, and the ability to seamlessly integrate data into your BI stack make this the optimal solution for enterprise G Suite admins.


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