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ElectrifAi announces new business connection with OXIO using AWS

By ET Bureau - February 25, 2021 3 Mins Read

ElectrifAi announces new business connection with OXIO using AWS

ElectrifAi, one of the world’s leading companies in practical artificial intelligence (AI) and pre-built machine learning (ML) models, today announced that will work with OXIO, a New York- based telecommunications company , to customize phone plan rates.

ElectrifAi has deep domain knowledge in the telecommunications industry using its machine learning technology. Generating revenue growth through customer segmentation, personalization and encouraging customers to spend more with a specific telecom operator are just a few of the many benefits. ElectrifAi applied this domain experience to improve OXIO’s ability to accurately predict an individual customer’s phone usage.

OXIO has a unique business model that offers an operator as a service for brands and companies. OXIO built the modern overlay network entirely as a 100% cloud-based solution, combining wireless connectivity from many providers. In doing so, OXIO enables a network of basic assets with a personalized purpose, delivered to each brand in a matter of days. OXIO’s data-driven approach using ElectrifAi’s machine learning models allows OXIO to develop fee plans that can save customers money by not paying for services they don’t need.

Human analysts can estimate phone usage, but not as accurately as machine learning technology can. Artificial intelligence identifies patterns in thousands of data points that are fed into a machine learning model to generate recommendations.

ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning model, Initial Rate Plan Assignment , uses an existing structure that will allow OXIO to market faster than if it were built from scratch, allowing customers to start saving money more early. The model’s accuracy will also ensure that the recommended rate plans prevent customers from spending excessively on extra fees not included in the plan.

ElectrifAi’s machine learning capabilities bring great value to OXIO. OXIO will deploy these machine learning models in its own secure cloud environment Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Amazon SageMaker, an AWS service that helps scientists and data developers prepare, build, train and deploy machine learning models high quality quickly.

OXIO will feed your data directly into the machine learning model on Amazon SageMaker without sharing end user data with ElectrifAi, reducing privacy and security risks, better protecting end users. Then, the model offers recommendations that are conveniently fed into your existing data streams without any programming and with minimal configuration.

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As OXIO continues to expand its market in the United States, ElectrifAi will help expand OXIO’s ability to deliver precision targeted to customers’ phone plan options. In addition, ElectrifAi’s machine learning model will strengthen OXIO’s personalization efforts, which will allow the company to define exactly who to market to.

“With ElectrifAI’s solutions, OXIO will be able to serve its customers with the best data science and AI capabilities in its class, unprecedented in the telecommunications industry today. ElectrifAi’s AI capability will help OXIO to reshape the telecommunications industry as we know, opening the door to completely new business models, and we hope to expand this cooperation in other areas. “, said Gilles Louwerens , director of Customer & Business Intelligence at OXIO.

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