ElectrifAi Announces Availability of New Machine Learning Models on Google Cloud Marketplace

ElectrifAi Announces Availability of New Machine Learning Models on Google Cloud Marketplace

ElectrifAi, one of the world’s leading companies in practical artificial intelligence (AI) and pre-built machine learning (ML) models, today announced that it is making one of the world’s largest collections of pre-built and pre-structured machine learning models available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

With domain expertise across several verticals (including BFSI, CME, Healthcare and Consumer/Retail) and 16 years of machine learning experience, ElectrifAi’s collection of models on Google Cloud delivers quick to deploy enterprise solutions to help turn data into actionable insights. ElectrifAi clients can now see results in days and weeks versus 12 to 18 months. ElectrifAi’s comprehensive capabilities for deploying proven, pre-built machine learning models enable users to rapidly deploy, scale and generate complex insights that drive immediate cost, profit and performance improvement. These products enable Google Cloud Marketplace users to unlock data based on actual industry use cases, driving quick time-to-value and successful business outcomes. Since 2004, companies have received out-of-the-box solutions that save time and money relative to building models in-house. ElectrifAi’s diverse model portfolio offers solutions that deliver fast and reliable results.

Value Propositions

  • Rapid Time-to-Value: Comprehensive capabilities to deploy proven ML models, bringing solutions to companies in weeks or even days.
  • Reduce Cost: Transform data into competitive advantages.
  • Reduce Risk: Building ML models can be time-consuming or risky. With proven results from real-world use cases, our models can help reduce that risk.

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Now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, businesses can access ready-to-deploy machine learning models that easily integrate into existing workflows. ElectrifAi offers three categories of model solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace.

  • Pre-trained Model: Pre-built and developed for a range of common use cases applied and tested in the real world. ElectrifAi applies existing company data to its models to generate reliable insights within days.
  • Pre-structured Model: ElectrifAi domain experts identify pre-built models that work best for the use case but require minimal modification and tuning. Using existing data, pre-structured models are trained and tested before being deployed to generate results within weeks.
  • Brand New Models: ElectrifAi’s global team of data scientists can leverage pre-existing work to build new models that address unique business needs through our global model making factory. The new model is then trained using ElectrifAi’s domain expertise and company data for actionable insights within one to two months.

“We’re excited to help Google Cloud customers gain access to new, easy-to-use machine learning solutions,” explains Jim McGowan, ElectrifAi’s SVP of Cloud Partners and Head of Product. “Our pre-built models have been fine-tuned over years, driving speed throughout business operations across a multitude of use cases. The introduction of ElectrifAi’s SpendAi—based on our machine learning models—offers Google Cloud’s enterprise customers a new way to reduce cost and manage risk.”

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