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EDJX Launches Public Beta of Serverless Edge Computing Platform for IoT

By ET Bureau - November 14, 2019 3 Mins Read

IoT Tech Expo – EDJX, a distributed edge computing platform, launched the public beta of its EDJX Serverless Edge, allowing industry-first access to a secure platform for IoT, M2M, and Mobile edge apps.  EDJX developed the software platform coupled with its EDJX Nano server Infrastructure to enable developers to write, test and deploy their own computing to the near-edge, and to meet the demand for data processing that will serve billions of IoT and industrial IoT devices.

EDJX Serverless Edge allows customers to build serverless IoT applications at the near-edge, at ultra-low latencies to IoT devices and connected things, through the EDJX cloud and their own edge infrastructures. Users can now sign up to get free trial access during the public alpha to write and deploy serverless functions. Customers can manage an unlimited number of edge computing nodes and deploy an unlimited number of applications and serverless functions.

Components of the public beta launch include:

  • EDJX Nano server Infrastructure: small form factor, ruggedized, security-hardened servers that can be deployed anywhere indoors or outdoors, in order to bring computing closer to IoT devices to reduce latency and increase the responsiveness of edge applications
  • EDJX Serverless Edge: a software platform that enables developers to write, test and deploy serverless IoT applications to Nano servers deployed at the near-edge to IoT devices and connected things

Developers can write, test and deploy serverless IoT apps with millisecond proximity to IoT sensors and devices, without having to manage containers, virtual machines, or hardware. This enables the focus on creating IoT applications and high-value business logic without having to worry about cloud bottlenecks or complex orchestration solutions.

“We designed EDJX’s Serverless Edge to meet the needs of real-world, low latency IoT applications,” said James Thomason, co-founder, and CTO of EDJX. “Our platform is being developed in lock-step with customers and partners across enterprise, industrial and urban settings.”

Nanoservers are immediately available in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor form factors to meet the toughest enterprise and industrial applications. Physically hardened against intrusion and tampering, EDJX software creates a peer-to-peer network that delivers serverless computing and object storage right at the near-edge — in the last 1,000 feet to IoT and connected devices. The nanoserver’s ability to be deployed in the field, at sub-millisecond latencies, allows data processing to be offloaded to support real-time use cases.

Existing cloud computing infrastructure limits the ability to move computing closer to IoT devices at the edge – where it is required at affordable prices – and EDJX Serverless Edge is equipped to significantly close the gap. Its end-to-end edge computing platform takes away the need for developers to manage and configure containers, virtual machines, or hardware. EDJX’s distributed ledger also secures IoT data at the source, guaranteeing the integrity of edge data for mission-critical infrastructure.

“The rush to build capacity at the near-edge  in the last 1000 feet to connected things – will completely dominate the next decade of IT,” said John Cowan, co-founder, and CEO. “The scale and scope of data processing at the near-edge are going to be orders of magnitude greater than anything the market has ever experienced in the history of the Internet.”

EDJX earlier this year emerged from stealth and announced $2M in funding from strategic investors. The company has now raised over $5M from investors including 6Fusion USA, Inc., Intersouth Partners and several private investors, including NC State’s Wolfpack Investment Network, along with key partnerships with ITRenew, Advisian Digital, and Chainyard.


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