Edge Delta and Snowflake bring novel approach to solve a growing problem in Security and DevOps

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Edge Delta and Snowflake bring novel approach to solve a growing problem in Security and DevOps

It is widely accepted that data analytics insights are necessary to run a sustainable business in this modern age. Being complacent and ultimately disrupted by a competitor embracing data analytics is not a viable alternative. Though these concepts are agreed upon, the correct path forward is not always obvious since enterprises have traditionally experienced non-trivial data problems.

Addressing the Cloud Security Crisis with Automation and Visibility

Multifaceted issues with data analytics include costs, visibility, privacy, security, and scalability. Derived from these are both financial and technological complexities that make managing and optimizing an enterprise infrastructure an incredibly difficult task, even before the relentless growth of machine data is added to the equation. This is the paradox that Security and DevOps teams currently deal with on a daily basis. Previous solutions are far from ideal and trade-offs are prevalent with some data sets becoming neglected and others dropped inaccessible into cold storage. Organizations have a need to continue to progress and are at a breaking point.

Edge Delta and Snowflake saw these challenges within customer environments and have partnered to bring forward an innovative new approach. Their offering is considered the best of both worlds. Visibility, privacy, security and speed with Edge Delta’s federated learning upfront, connected with the infinite scalability of Snowflake’s cloud data platform. Using this modern strategy, no longer do customers have to pick and choose which subsets of data to enable real-time monitoring and security alerting, they can analyze that data 100X faster, and do so with an improved privacy and security posture.

“The exponential growth of data is a challenge within any organization. In my experience, understanding the nuances and limitations of the various solutions in the market was always important to achieve incremental improvements. The integration between Edge Delta and Snowflake is a new approach that has the potential to fundamentally remove limitations, opening up a whole new set of possibilities.” –Amit Mathur, VP of Product Engineering, Sinclair Digital

The Convergence of Hero Tech-Trends Will Make Industries Future Ready

“Innovative vendors like Edge Delta are stepping up to help security and DevOps teams realize their full potential with data platforms like Snowflake. While machine learning has seemed like an empty promise to many InfoSec practitioners, now we are seeing results from AI concepts like federated learning applied to real problems like fast alerting and eliminating visibility gaps with security data lakes.” –Omer Singer, Head of Cyber Security Strategy, Snowflake.

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