Doble Brings Greater Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy to Condition-Based Maintenance with SFRA Software v6

Doble Engineering Company, a leader in power grid diagnostic solutions and subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), today announced the release of SFRA Software v6. The enhanced sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) application brings new data management and analysis capabilities for faster and more effective testing and diagnostics interpretation.

With SFRA Software v6, substation engineers and technicians can ensure data alignment, set up tests quickly, and easily coordinate failure trends. The application is compatible with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) and captures nameplate data directly from an existing DTA record, minimizing the risk of data redundancies and inconsistencies and simplifying test file creation. Built on the same framework as DTA and with a brand-new user interface, this latest version of Doble’s SFRA software is intuitive and easier to use.

“Time is money, and that adage is especially true in asset maintenance. It’s incredibly hard to make quick, informed decisions without truly understanding apparatus condition, deviations, failure rates and whether equipment is safe to put back into service,” said Jeff Ward, solution director at Doble Engineering Company. “Our new SFRA software is intentionally designed to increase testing productivity. With the highest functionality and analytics capabilities, teams are better positioned to catch and address health concerns early on in a transformer’s lifecycle, before they grow into larger issues.”

SFRA Software v6 operates Doble’s next generation M5500 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer, which offers the best combination of speed, dynamic range and accuracy available, as well as the M5400 and M5200 instruments. The application supports all legacy Doble SFRA test results and automatically detects and converts those belonging to the same apparatus into a single test file. With all results and session history in one place, the software simplifies data storage and streamlines the process of comparing new results against those of previous test sessions.

The system also imports certain non-Doble file types and results saved in file formats compliant with international SFRA testing standards. A new, proprietary leakage channel analysis algorithm automates analysis of short circuit SFRA test results across all three transformer phases, speeding up overall testing time.

Doble’s SFRA Software v6 is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified). Clients under a Doble Services Agreement can get even more value out of the new application with access to Doble’s expertise, analysis of test results, training, consultation and technical support.

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