DLT Solutions Launches Secure Software Factory to Enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Applications

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DLT Solutions Launches Secure Software Factory to Enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Applications

DLT Solutions, LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tech Data and a premier government technology solutions aggregator, has launched the Secure Software Factory (SSF), a framework that provides the U.S. public sector with consistent development and deployment of high-quality, scalable, resilient and secure software throughout an application’s lifecycle.

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By adopting the SSF framework, government agencies and educational organizations can save money through compatibility, increase development velocity by automating the steps in an application development process, and increase quality and consistency by providing a baseline architecture that can be easily followed and replicated.

“The SSF helps federal, state and local agencies and education (SLED) organizations accelerate their software delivery by creating, deploying and operating applications in a compatible, flexible and secure manner,” said Chris Wilkinson, senior vice president, Sales, DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company. “It also enables DLT and Tech Data partners to meet U.S. public sector IT modernization demands more rapidly and at less cost by leveraging a suite of enterprise-grade tools that best meets their customers’ requirements and needs.”

The framework can be used within any cloud, hybrid, or on-premise environment to accelerate secure software delivery and automates all steps in a modern software delivery process by leveraging containers running in a Kubernetes environment including:

  • Planning and integrating code enhancements
  • Increasing velocity by performing automated tests
  • Checking for cyber vulnerabilities from both source code and binary dependencies
  • Deploying the application to production
  • Providing the ability to monitor and operate the application in production while continuously checking for potential vulnerabilities

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“DLT’s SSF delivers applications quickly and gets stakeholder feedback rapidly, so changes including security-related remediations, can be incorporated faster and more efficiently,” said Rick Stewart, chief software technologist at DLT Solutions. “This is achieved by delivering smaller iterations of an application, automating the deployment process, and facilitating collaboration and communication between development, security and operation teams.”

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