DLT Collaborates with Automation Anywhere to Bring Automation to Government Agencies

DLT, Automation Anywhere

DLT Solutions, a premier government technology solutions aggregator, announced that it is collaborating with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As Automation Anywhere’s public sector aggregator, DLT will leverage its extensive partner network to deliver industry-leading solutions that enable federal, state and local government agencies to become more automated. Automating mundane tasks, creating consistent internal controls and expanding capabilities, to free up human workers to focus on higher-value activities without exponentially increasing human capital.

“We are very excited to add Automation Anywhere to our growing portfolio of leading technology vendors,” said Chris Wilkinson, senior vice president of Sales for DLT Solutions. “As the public sector continues to modernize and enhance its IT capabilities, Automation Anywhere’s solutions such as RPA will prove to be incredibly valuable tools that allow the government to dedicate more of its human workforce to focusing on high-value aspects of agency initiatives.”

By procuring Automation Anywhere solutions through DLT, government agencies can operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating complicated technical processes that typically require a significant human workforce to maintain. Automation Anywhere solutions combine consumer-like usability with enterprise-class reliability and security to empower government end-users to automate on their own, in real-time. The ability to quickly and efficiently automate these processes enables the public sector workforce to focus on mission-critical tasks without compromising the effectiveness of its automated processes.