DISH selects Blue Planet automation software to accelerate 5G services

DISH selects Blue Planet automation software to accelerate 5G services

– Blue Planet’s cloud-native inventory and service order management system will be integrated into DISH’s 5G platform

– Software automation delivers real-time management of all inventory, enabling on-demand provisioning and faster rollout of customer network slices

DISH has chosen inventory and service order management software from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to intelligently automate its 5G wireless network.

As DISH builds the nation’s first cloud-native, OpenRAN-based, virtualized 5G network, Blue Planet’s software will help provide a completely automated solution to drive operational efficiency.

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“Blue Planet is a key component within our 5G platform, allowing us to dynamically manage all of our network inventory and service orders in real-time,” said Marc Rouanne, executive vice president and chief network officer, DISH. “With Blue Planet’s open, agile and programmable approach, DISH can rapidly deploy services and allocate resources to wholesale and enterprise customers, allowing them to provision network slices based on SLAs.”

To support end-to-end automation, Blue Planet seamlessly integrates into DISH’s network slices, which reduces OpEx and better ensures customer satisfaction.

“Delivering 5G requires a network that can adapt, which is why gaining control over the operations environment is critical,” said Rick Hamilton, senior vice president, Blue Planet. “With closed-loop automation from Blue Planet, DISH will execute its innovative network strategy and usher in the 5G era.”

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