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DevZero Wins 2023 DEVIES Award with DevZero Serverless Platform

By ET Bureau - February 22, 2023 3 Mins Read

DevZero Wins 2023 DEVIES Award with DevZero Serverless Platform

The DevZero Platform is a DEVIES award winner in the Microservices & Serverless Category at DeveloperWeek 2023

We’re excited to announce that DevZero Serverless has won a 2023 DEVIES Award in the Microservices & Serverless category. The 11th annual DEVIES Awards are the definitive annual awards for the software industry recognizing outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in developer technology across 31 categories.

Serverless application development is easy to get started with. But as the team grows, so does the cost and complexity of serverless application development. DevZero Serverless solves this issue by enabling the creation of namespaced full stacks utilizing the existing production configuration for each engineer, overcoming the complexities of developing in shared tenancy environments, as well as the need for individual, per developer, accounts within AWS

“Developer tools and technology product solutions are leading the way for software developers & engineers to build upon the foundation of the ever-expanding technology sector. DevZero’s win is evidence of their leading role in the growth and innovation in the software industry,” said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer of DevNetwork, producer of DeveloperWeek and the 2023 DEVIES Awards.

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Award winners were selected from a record-high 310 nominations by an expert-led panel of the DevNetwork Advisory Board, based on the following criteria: 

  1. attracting notable attention and awareness in the software industry; 
  2. general regard and use by the developer, engineering & IT community; and 
  3. being a technical leader in its sector for innovation.

DevZero was awarded its DEVIES Award at DeveloperWeek 2023 (Feb 15-17, Oakland, CA & Feb 21-22, Virtual), the world’s largest developer and engineering conference & expo with 8,000+ participants from 150+ countries across the globe.

What’s next for DevZero Serverless

Debugging serverless functions is a challenging task because developers do not have direct access to the underlying infrastructure the serverless software executes within. With DevZero Serverless, developers will have the ability to debug your serverless functions in the same way as any other application. This feature offers benefits such as access to detailed logs, stack traces, and the ability to set breakpoints and step through code, while visualizing execution results in real-time without having to package and redeploy your function. 

These functionalities allow developers to quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues in the code, resulting in significant time and effort savings. Debugging serverless functions in real-time is an invaluable tool in the development process and is an essential skill for developers, since each developer now has their own copy of the production stack.

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