DataVeil Technologies Announces Release of Upgraded Signature Data-Masking Software: DataVeil (v4)

DataVeil Technologies, Data-Masking Software, DataVeil v4

DataVeil Technologies recently released the newest iteration of its unique and wide-ranging data-masking software, DataVeil (v4). DataVeil is a software platform that provides users with an intuitive framework to create various data-masking projects with underlying in-place controls and management. Users can design and execute their own data masks, or choose from a variety of feature-rich masks crafted specifically by DataVeil’s own coding experts. DataVeil can be used to mask SQL databases for any number of business, tech or cross-industry projects.

“Our company’s strategic direction has been focused on providing data masking solutions to our users since 2010,” said CEO Terry Swiatkiwsky. “We’ve been refining and upgrading DataVeil ever since. So we’re happy to present this newest incarnation of our popular software that improves on its smart masking capabilities and provides a huge boost in performance to what was already one of the fastest data masking platforms available. We’re also proud that DataVeil is currently in use by major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and other users in over 70 countries.”

DataVeil (v4) Features

DataVeil provides a deterministic masking mode to ensure that distinct original values are masked consistently within the same database and across multiple databases of differing types, even if masking is executed on separate occasions. Other specific features include:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Preview mode: Preview before and after masked values, side-by-side, without overwriting data.
  • Sophisticated and Format-Preserving Masks: Flexible, in-built masks with easily understood options. Masks preserve the format of original values thereby capturing production data nuance.
  • Partial Field Masking: Preserve partial content of original values, like prefixes, thereby capturing the statistical properties of production data.
  • Fast Masking: One of the fastest masking software tools available, DataVeil can perform in minutes, rather than hours.
  • Relationship Shrouding: Manipulate relationships to hide strategic information from third parties.
  • Command Line Interface: DataVeil can be run from other software for scheduled and automated executions.
  • Simple Licensing: Easy-to-understand licensing.
  • Very Low Cost: DataVeil price lists are transparent and published online.

DataVeil (v4) Uses

  • Outsourcing: Outsourcers always ask for examples of realistic, production-like data. DataVeil allows sharing of such data without compromising security.
  • Testing: DataVeil preserves the many nuances and permutations found in production data to provide an accurate and representative test data environment for users.
  • Development: Developers benefit from working with data that accurately reflect production.
  • Training: Allowing trainees to practice on a realistic database prepares them for the exact scenarios they will experience in the real world, reflecting both actual scale and content.
  • Data Analysis: When data-sharing is necessary between analysts, business partners or potential buyers, DataVeil can both mask real data and manipulate data relationships. The aggregate result remains the same as the original, allowing accurate views, but strategic information is carefully hidden.
  • Support: Sharing data with providers is sometimes necessary when lodging support requests. Give providers the data they need without revealing sensitive information.
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