Dataiku and Rabobank strengthen collaboration for more AI innovation in the banking sector

Dataiku and Rabobank strengthen collaboration for more AI innovation

Dataiku, the world’s most advanced enterprise AI platform, confirms its close partnership with Rabobank. Dataiku’s platform supports Rabobank’s Intelligence Lab in deploying AI projects across the organisation for hundreds of users. More than 100 AI initiatives have been successfully completed in less than two years.

Rabobank started transforming into a data-driven organisation in 2011. During this time, the bank has been using Dataiku to support its increasingly sophisticated AI projects. The bank has gone from just a few users and use cases to 150+ Dataiku users and broad adoption of AI across various departments such as marketing, sales, finance, risk management and audit.

“We have been working with Rabobank for quite some time and have seen its progression from a relatively small centre of excellence to AI use cases that are embedded in virtually all business units and used by hundreds of employees and customers,” said Nadim Antar, VP Sales & GM UK-Northern Europe at Dataiku.

“This is exactly the growth model we had in mind when we developed Dataiku. It’s all about the business – from selecting the right projects to delivering added value. Running data initiatives from within an IT team or even a dedicated data team alone can never bring the depth and value that domain experts provide. The secret is to make the two work closely together.”

RATE System

The ‘RATE system’, which gives customers insight into their transactions and ensures financial transparency, is one of the top projects that Rabobank has developed with Dataiku. The model — developed using Dataiku — combines business logic with statistical models and neural networks, all published in an API, so that transactions that occur in near real-time (a matter of seconds) are tagged.

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“Innovating with AI is necessary to stay competitive. Rabobank is not the only financial institution with a lot of data and use cases, so we are constantly working to improve the customer experience with more and more cutting-edge use cases,” said Roel Dirks, Product Manager Big Data Lab at Rabobank. “Dataiku is the perfect partner to do this successfully. The speed with which it releases new features is unbelievable. Dataiku is a leading player in the field of data science and advanced analytics for a reason.”

Analytics Way of Working

In addition to technology, Rabobank’s success is also due to its ‘Analytics Way of Working’ methodology, a unique approach to using case prioritisation and an organisation-wide framework to extract more value from AI projects.

In addition to customer service, Rabobank is also innovating with AI to provide a data-driven approach to risk and IT. Learn more about how Rabobank built its RATE system and gain insight into these additional use cases from across the company and its Analytics Way of Working in this newly-released eBook.

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