Cyient Inaugurates Wire Harness Lab for Production and Prototyping in its Peoria Office

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Cyient Inaugurates Wire Harness Lab for Production and Prototyping in its Peoria Office

Cyient, global engineering, and technology solutions company, announced that it has opened a wire harness facility in its office in Peoria Heights, Illinois. The facility complements the company’s design, build, and maintain approach, and adds capabilities to support customers in harness prototyping by increasing design process speed and iterative development for electrical systems.

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The 1,100 sq ft, the restricted-access lab is equipped with pneumatic crimping tools, including an ultrasonic splicer and braider, to facilitate quality production and prototypes for electrical wire harnesses. Harness rework, testing, field installation, and troubleshooting are additional services that Cyient will offer from the new facility. While the facility has been launched with a single, nine-hour shift, the company will expand operations for 24/7 support in the future.

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Demonstrating its continued commitment to quality and safety, Cyient is working toward the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association Certification, bringing extended value to its prototyping capability. The company’s move to add this facility provides customers in North America ready access to time-sensitive wire harness prototype products and field support.

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