Cyclonis Backup Launched to Protect Against Ransomware & Securely Backup Files from Data Loss

Cyclonis Backup, Ransomware, Data Loss
Cyclonis Backup Launched to Protect Against Ransomware _ Securely Backup Files from Data Loss

Cyclonis Ltd., a developer of consumer-friendly cloud-enabled applications, is excited to announce the launch of Cyclonis Backup. Available for Windows and macOS, Cyclonis Backup is a feature-packed backup application designed to bring easy and secure file backup to users around the world.

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Cyclonis Backup was designed from the ground up to combine ease-of-use with powerful features. It includes a convenient Backup Wizard, designed to help users immediately get started creating effective backups. Cyclonis Backup’s wizard scans the user’s hard drive and sorts files into categories (documents, pictures, videos, etc.), allowing users to back up the files that are most important to them. Users can backup and restore all of their data across their multiple supported devices with a single account.

Designed to Protect Data Against Ransomware, Hardware Failure and Other Risks

In today’s world, ransomware is an increasingly dangerous threat. Many traditional backup solutions do not store multiple versions of users’ files. Ransomware can scramble files on a user’s computer, making valuable personal data completely inaccessible. Traditional backup solutions may overwrite existing backups with these scrambled files, making recovery potentially impossible. Ransomware attacks force users to pay a ransom to retrieve their data and even then the data may not be released. Cyclonis Backup is configured, by default, to store multiple versions of users’ files to the cloud. In the case of a ransomware attack, Cyclonis Backup offers intuitive tools that enable users to selectively restore their data to an earlier “pre-scrambled” state to avoid being a victim.

Encryption is at the Heart of Cyclonis Backup

To help protect your valuable personal data, Cyclonis Backup leverages powerful encryption technology, including AES-256, an encryption standard established by the US National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) and used by large-scale organizations all around the world. User backup data is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud. To offer users enhanced privacy protection, backup data is stored in a way that even Cyclonis staff cannot view or read it.

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Access and Restore Files Anytime, Anywhere

Cyclonis Backup permits users to backup and restore data to multiple devices through a single account. Users can also securely access and download their files via the Cyclonis website using desktop computers and mobile devices. Cyclonis Backup’s powerful file versioning system gives users added flexibility when restoring data.

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