Crystal Group brings new line of reliable computing for the future of energy to DistribuTECH

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Crystal Group brings new line of reliable computing for the future of energy to DistribuTECH

Crystal Group, Inc., a leading designer, and manufacturer of rugged computer and electronic hardware will introduce its new Crystal Group ESTM (Energy Series) product line at DistribuTECH as the U.S. power companies undergo a major transformation to upgrade and modernize critical energy infrastructure.

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Built to deliver state-of-the-art power grid capabilities with reliable, secure performance in the most extreme, remote, unpredictable conditions, the Crystal Group ES line of servers and embedded computers combine rugged hardware, the latest Intel® scalable processors, and prominent security features.

The impetus of the new Crystal Group ES line was to support the Common Substation Platform (CSP), which is using machine virtualization to transform power grid reliability, system resilience, and security, developed by Southern California Edison.

“Crystal Group’s vision, ability to solve complex engineering challenges, and collaborative approach in developing the hardware systems needed to support machine virtualization in the harsh substation environment,” said Phil Carey, recently-retired Southern California Edison enterprise architect.

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“Seamless operations across more than 70,000 power substations are critical to our daily livelihood and homeland security,” said Chad Hutchinson, director of Engineering at Crystal Group. “With this many sites—most of which are in remote locations with limited onsite staff—it’s not feasible to connect multiple substations to central data centers. Each substation needs its own system to ensure constant monitoring, real-time alerts, automation, and remote-control management.

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