Crunchy Data Introduces Postgres Container Apps

Crunchy Data Launches Postgres Container Apps on Crunchy Bridge_ Its Fully Managed Postgres Service-01

Crunchy Data — the leading provider of trusted open source Postgres technology, support, and training — today announces the release of Postgres Container Apps on Crunchy Bridge, its fully managed Postgres database service. Postgres Container Apps enables simple container deployment alongside a Postgres database with a simple function call.

With Postgres Container Apps, Crunchy Bridge users can run lightweight tools in a Postgres native way, without the need to run separate applications or instances, reducing operational overhead and the number of resources needed by DBAs and developers. By consolidating database services into one provision, Postgres Container Apps allows users to leverage their existing investment in managed Postgres and gives the flexibility to run applications off their database with the best tools that fit operational needs. Read more about how to install and use Postgres Container Apps on the Crunchy Data blog.

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Notably, Postgres Container Apps allow in-database containers for:

  • Turnkey API apps such as Hasura, pg_tileserv, pg_featureserv, PostgREST, Postgraphile
  • Monitoring tools like pganalyze and New Relic
  • Database admin tools like PgHero, Blazer, pgweb, PgAdmin

“Postgres Container Apps turns the balance of app versus database on its head. With data being your most valuable resource, you can now easily view it as the point of gravity and spin up monitoring, apps, and whatever else you need around it with ease,” said Craig Kerstiens, Product Lead at Crunchy Data.

Crunchy Data has been providing commercially supported and certified Postgres since 2012, helping enterprises manage mission-critical systems with trusted products and solutions. The launch of Crunchy Bridge in 2020 delivered on the premise of a managed database service in the cloud that allows developers to focus on building applications and not worry about managing the database.

Crunchy Data helps companies of all sizes build a better developer experience and boost their Postgres abilities. Postgres Container Apps is available today on Crunchy Bridge. Ready to get started? Jump over to Crunchy Bridge and give it a try.

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