Copado Launches The First Natively Integrated DevOps and Testing Platform with Its Spring 22 Release

Copado Launches The First Natively Integrated DevOps and Testing Platform with Its Spring 22 Release-01

Copado, a leading DevOps platform powering the world’s largest digital transformations, today announced it has natively integrated testing into its low-code CI/CD DevOps platform – the first company to achieve this milestone. Designed for the new breed of non-technical and technical low-code delivery teams, Copado’s Spring 22 release enables customers to “shift-left” on testing to improve the quality and velocity of their multi-cloud releases.

Gartner forecasts that the use of low-code and no-code technologies will nearly triple by 2025. This will make quality-driven development critical for these delivery teams as low-code teams are much larger and less technical than traditional software delivery teams. Copado is the only low-code DevOps and testing platform that empowers delivery teams composed of admins, developers, release managers, architects, quality assurance, and testers, to work more collaboratively throughout the software development lifecycle from planning, building and testing through to delivery.

Natively integrating Copado Robotic Testing into the Copado DevOps platform and CI/CD development pipelines provides a more advanced way of ensuring quality, security, and governance across every step of the cloud development process. With Spring 22, Copado is fully optimized for the needs of cloud delivery teams that now work across multiple geographies, departments, and cloud platforms to deliver modern digital transformation projects. Now customers can implement Copado CI/CD and Robotic Testing individually or together on the Copado DevOps platform, based on specific use cases and needs.

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“Re-engineering our platform to integrate automated testing is a milestone event for the industry – no other company has built a DevOps platform that natively integrates testing to improve software quality and security,” said David Brooks, Senior Vice President of Products for Copado. “Copado is delivering the next wave of innovation to further our multi-cloud strategy and empower the next generation of delivery teams. Customers and partners are using Copado as a strategic platform to align their people, process and technology investments and accelerate their journey to build a digital business.”

In Spring 22, the Copado DevOps platform has been rearchitected to be more open and extensible for developing quality-driven pipelines across multiple clouds, platforms, or applications. Key new innovations include Copado Actions, which define new DevOps building blocks that automate key actions such as commit, test, deploy and backup across any cloud application development process. Copado also introduced new point-and-click automation templates and deeper Jira integration, enabling both low-code and pro-code teams to unite in orchestrating and delivering software across multiple cloud applications.

“As customers of Copado Robotic Testing, we are excited to see it now natively integrated on the Copado DevOps platform,” said Laura LaRocca, QA Manager at Brunswick’s OneASG. “We have seen the quality of our development pipelines increase by incorporating automated testing. Another major benefit is that you don’t have to write it – Copado simplifies the process with low-code functionality. This makes it much easier for our team to get people up and running on the platform.”

Copado is redefining how to achieve success with enterprise SaaS and low-code platforms with its data-driven approach to delivering faster, higher quality releases and improving trust across customer transformation projects. Organizations that implement DevOps and automated testing best practices have been shown to deploy more often, fail less often and recover faster. Forrester Consulting found Copado delivered 20x shorter lead times, 10x faster recovery times, 4x reduction in change fail rate and 7% higher productivity. Further, organizations using Copado’s DevOps platform can achieve $4.5 million in value and an ROI of 307% over three years with payback in less than 6 months.

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