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Contrast Security Simplifies DevSecOps by Application Security with World’s First Route Intelligence

By ET Bureau - March 18, 2020 2 Mins Read

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Contrast Security, the next-generation software security platform, announced Route Intelligence™, a major new capability for application security. Legacy application security testing solutions simply point out potential vulnerabilities in application code and are plagued with false positives. This antiquated approach to application security also squanders valuable time associated with manual vulnerability verification. Route Intelligence from Contrast, which is now available as part of Contrast Assess, is a revolutionary and industry-leading solution that combines continuous and accurate assessment with instrumentation-based vulnerability assessment capabilities. When compared to traditional application security approaches, Route Intelligence saves security teams and application development teams massive amounts of time while reducing costs—namely, development teams know exactly what parts of each application have been tested for critical security flaws.

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Routes in the software are like roads in cities, enabling data to reach the correct destination and powering business logic in the application. Using traditional approaches to application security testing, development teams are unable to determine how much of their application attack surface—that is, how many routes—has been assessed for vulnerabilities. With Route Intelligence, development teams know the full extent of their entire application security posture. Route Intelligence also automates vulnerability remediation verification, obviating a time-consuming, manual process whereby development teams had to engage with multiple teams to verify vulnerability remediation. This saves development teams significant time and resources.

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“Security and development leaders want high speed and secure DevOps and digital transformation. A core principle of going fast is finding and fixing important functionality and security flaws early,” said Alan P. Naumann, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Contrast Security. “With Route Intelligence, which is now part of Contrast Assess, our customers can immediately see a comprehensive picture of the entire application attack surface, allowing overstretched development teams to save time and focus their valuable resources. In addition, development and security teams can work from a shared and accurate view, saving hundreds of hours required for vulnerability remediation verification. Route Intelligence is one more game-changer in the application security revolution that Contrast Security is spearheading.”


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