Contegix Announces New Offerings for its BlackMesh Business

Contegix Announces New Offerings for its BlackMesh Business

Contegix, the leading provider of managed application solutions today announced the launch of multiple new offerings for its BlackMesh line of business. BlackMesh specializes in cloud solutions for Content Management Systems (CMS) including Drupal, WordPress and Magento, serving large enterprises and government agencies. Hundreds of high-profile websites run on BlackMesh with a collective total of millions of page views per day.

BlackMesh, known in the marketplace for its ability to manage highly complex and secure websites, offers the only Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows developers and IT teams full flexibility and customization of their solution in a highly secure and compliant environment. Combined with automation tools for DevOps teams, the BlackMesh solution uniquely combines agility, speed, and flexibility. The company is particularly focused on serving the open source community and has tailored its automation solutions accordingly, including the ability to develop locally with a tool like Lando.

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In 2020, Contegix has made significant investments in its platform, tools and support services, introducing the following new offerings and upgrades:

  • New automation tools for enterprise speed and agility
  • DevOps consulting services to help teams more quickly deploy their sites
  • New architecture for enhanced performance and stability
  • Remote management of sites located anywhere, even on customers’ own servers

“We’re excited to announce the next evolution of our BlackMesh business and demonstrate our commitment to the open source community,” said Brad Hokamp CEO of Contegix. “There’s an enormous requirement in the marketplace for WebOps solutions that increase enterprise speed and agility, particularly when it comes to highly custom and complex deployments. Contegix is poised to build on our market leadership in the Drupal platform management space.”

BlackMesh expands its target market with new services for organizations that host their own websites, either on internal servers or the public cloud. DevOps consulting services, remote management, and automation tools help these organizations quickly and easily deploy their sites, allowing them to focus on development.

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