CompuGroup Medical simplifies provider access to telemedicine

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CompuGroup Medical simplifies provider access to telemedicine

CompuGroup Medical US (CGM) announces that it has made it easier for healthcare providers to mitigate the spread of the virus using CGM ELVI Telemedicine at no charge.

Telemedicine, or telehealth, is a new healthcare platform that enables virtual consultations. When doctors can reach patients from anywhere at any time, in-office visits are no longer required, and this eliminates the risk of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus to practice staff and other patients.

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In addition to providing its CGM ELVI Telemedicine software at no charge, CGM has made it easier for providers to adopt the new system by launching a dedicated website,, and a dedicated phone line, +1 (602) 680-2255.

“We began offering CGM ELVI Telemedicine to providers at no cost last week, and the response to this initiative has been inspiring,” said Chief Executive Officer Benedikt Brueckle. “We knew right away that we could make things even simpler for providers by creating a dedicated website and phone line to help them get started.”

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Telehealth solutions like CGM ELVI are getting a lot of attention now that Americans are practicing social distancing and avoiding crowds and public spaces.

“CGM ELVI is easy to implement,” Brueckle said. “We can get providers up and running very quickly. At CGM, we are committed towards helping boost access to telemedicine in the United States, thereby mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

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