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CommerceBlock Introduces Cloud Storage Integration for MainStay Attestation Service

By ET Bureau - June 26, 2020 2 Mins Read

CommerceBlock Introduces Cloud Storage Integration for MainStay Attestation Service

CommerceBlock is launching easy to use web integrations into popular cloud storage platforms Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for its MainStay attestation service. This will allow users easy access to their stored files, create a cryptographic hash identity for their files and attest them into the Bitcoin blockchain via CommerceBlock’s MainStay attestation service for verification in the future.

The ever-increasing digitisation of daily life and activities creates a massive flood of digital files for the average user which becomes cumbersome to navigate. It also creates larger exposure to fraud and misrepresentation of files due to the difficulty to verify originality and uniqueness of content. The new MainStay cloud storage integrations provide a simple way for any user to create a unique cryptographic hash for any original digital file and attest it to the Bitcoin blockchain. This allows any future viewer to independently verify the file’s originality.

The independent verification feature will be valuable for any process involving digital documents or data being shared amongst multiple parties, such as the legal sector, trade, land registries, scientific documents and education certificates as examples.

MainStay is a unique attestation service protocol that allows not only for individual point-in-time data attestations but it also provides cryptographic proof of one single history of data or system changes. This ‘Proof-of-Immutable-State’ is obtained via the trustless immutability inherent in a strong proof-of-work blockchain like Bitcoin. MainStay utilizes a so-called ‘Staychain’, successive commitments into a sequence of linked transactions to the underlying blockchain which creates a single, non-branching history backed by the proof-of-work of the underlying blockchain.

Nicholas Gregory, founder and CEO of CommerceBlock says: “Bitcoin has a number of unique characteristics which can be utilised for other purposes. Its immutability creates a unique, globally accepted and shared timeline of history which MainStay uses to create cryptographic imprints and proofs of any form of data. Once attested, an original data point or file remains as a cryptographic reference against which these files, when shared with other 3rd parties, can be compared against to prove their originality and uniqueness.”


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