Cologix Announces Support for Google Cloud Interconnect in Vancouver, Expanding Cologix’s Google Cloud Offering and Accelerating Access to Cloud at the Edge

Cologix Announces Support for Google Cloud Interconnect in Vancouver_ Expanding Cologix's Google Cloud Offering and Accelerating Access to Cloud at the Edge-01

Cologix, North America’s leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company, announced today that direct connectivity is now available to Google Cloud through Google Cloud Interconnect in Vancouver. The expansion continues with another private, dedicated onramp to Google Cloud in Columbus, Ohio, expected by the end of 2021.

In Vancouver, Cologix provides customers with access to Google Cloud Interconnect from three Cologix data centers, enabling private connections to Google Cloud in order to more quickly and securely access its services and compute capacity.

Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect provides key benefits to enterprises looking to expand hybrid IT cloud infrastructure and eliminate lengthy supply chain timelines for equipment, including:

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  • Private connections to public Internet
  • Lower latency by traversing the shortest path to Google Cloud
  • Predictability and optimized speed Scalable, densely connected and customizable colocation opportunities
  • Faster cloud deployments to safeguard against unpredictable supply chain issues for equipment
  • Inherently more secure IT infrastructure leveraging the cloud rather than on premise IT solutions for databases, workloads and applications

“By offering additional onramps to Google Cloud across North America, we’re supporting low latency and high-bandwidth connectivity requirements for our customers to solve their growing hybrid cloud architectures,” said Cologix’s President & Chief Revenue Officer Laura Ortman. “We are delighted to expand private, dedicated connectivity to Google Cloud, providing more secure, resilient, reliable and faster connectivity to support cloud infrastructures at the network’s edge.”

Coming Soon to Columbus

Construction is underway at Cologix Columbus campus to add direct connectivity to Google Cloud through a new Google Cloud Interconnect onramp. All three existing data centers will have access to the new Google Cloud Interconnect onramp as well as the new, high density, build-to-suit facility, COL4, directly adjacent to Cologix’s Columbus campus.

Live in Minneapolis

Cologix’s Minneapolis Google Cloud Interconnect went live this summer, offering direct connectivity to Google Cloud from its four data centers. Additionally, customers can access carriers’ long haul and local fiber routes from the Cologix ecosystem in the 511 Building, which is home to Minneapolis/St. Paul’s premier interconnection and peering hub.

Leverage Interconnect Automation with Cologix Access Marketplace

Cologix’s software-defined interconnection (SDI) solution automates interconnection, enabling simple, scalable, secure connectivity in minutes via a self-service portal to connect to Google Cloud Interconnect and other major cloud providers. Companies looking to customize private connectivity to the cloud can use the automated portal to virtually and dynamically provision circuits with Cologix Access Marketplace.

GCI Access at Cologix

  • Ashburn
  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Minneapolis
  • Montréal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

Customers interested in accessing Google Cloud’s Dedicated Interconnect can contact for more details.

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