Cologix Adds Google Cloud Interconnect in Minneapolis

Cologix Adds Google Cloud Interconnect in Minneapolis

Direct, private cloud connectivity for faster, more reliable connectivity.

Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection, ecosystem and hyperscale edge data center company, today announced direct connectivity to Google Cloud Platform through a new onramp Google Cloud Interconnect at its Minneapolis interconnection hub location at 511 11th Avenue South.

Cologix Minneapolis offers direct connectivity to Google Cloud from its four data centers with access to long haul and local fiber routes in the 511 Building, home to Minneapolis/St. Paul’s premier interconnection and peering hub. With this new onramp to Google’s Dedicated Interconnect, customers can access higher speed and lower cost connectivity than with VPN. Because of benefits such as these benefits, Dedicated Interconnect has become the go-to solution to connect on premise data centers with the cloud.

To support digital transformations, the new Google onramp enables:

  • Direct, private connections to bypass the public Internet
  • Predictability and optimized speed with Google’s Dedicated Interconnect
  • Scalable, densely connected and customizable colocation opportunities

“We are happy to expand private connectivity options in Minneapolis with a new Google cloud onramp for customers,” said Cologix’s President & Chief Revenue Officer Laura Ortman. “As customers have accelerated their hybrid cloud journeys, direct connectivity to hyperscalers, like Google, provides more secure, reliable and faster connectivity to extend their on-premise and cloud infrastructures with lower network costs.”

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Connectivity Leader in Minneapolis
Located at the most densely-connected network hub in the region, Cologix Minneapolis offers four interconnection facilities with access to:

  • · 75+ unique networks in the Meet-Me-Room (MMR)
  • · The Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE)
  • · Major cloud providers like Google, Microsoft and AWS
  • · Robust, scalable ecosystem of 450+ networks and 250+ cloud providers within Cologix’s network-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms across North America

Customers interested in accessing Google’s Dedicated Interconnnect in Minneapolis can contact for more details.