Collaborate with Deloitte Tohmatsu in business model reform consulting to realize subscription business utilizing multiple sales channels such as CloudBlue and distributors

Collaborate with Deloitte Tohmatsu in business model reform consulting to realize subscription business utilizing multiple sales channels such as CloudBlue and distributors

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masato Sase, DTC) and CloudBlue LLC (California, USA) state Irvine -. CloudBlue, an Ingram Micro business ) is 6 may 24 than days, regardless of the BtoB · BtoC, subscription business utilizing multiple sales channels that including such agency (below, to subscribe business) realized We will start collaboration with the business model reform consulting service for.

At first glance, the subscription business model emphasizes direct relationships with customers, so at first glance it tends to be regarded as a model that neglects existing sales channels such as distributors and retailers that have built relationships of trust. This has been a hindrance to the success of the subscription business in the Japanese market, where agency and retail sales have matured due to business customs.

In this collaboration, “subscribing considering the channel ecosystem” will transform the success of the subscribing business while maintaining the win-win relationship with these sales channels from the perspective of business model, business operation, and system introduction. We support the construction of “business models”.

Specifically, (1) as a subscription service provider, build a business model that includes channel management and management of customer contact points on multiple channels, and (2) provide a single service as a channel side such as a service distributor. Not only that, we support the construction of a business model that adds value and sells by combining services from multiple companies.

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Through this collaboration, DTC and CloudBlue will provide a consistent consulting service that includes business process design that supports the business, overall system design, system introduction, and follow-up after introduction, in addition to formulating business strategies for the realization of a subscription ecosystem. Provide.

DTC is a channel of specialized consultants with knowledge and experience that has led corporate transformation in all industries and consultants with specialized knowledge of subscription business, which can be obtained by utilizing Deloitte’s network of 240,000 people in 150 countries around the world. We will set up a specialized team for building a subscription business model that takes the ecosystem into consideration, and will provide consistent support from the concept formulation phase to implementation and deployment.

CloudBlue provides a standard platform with the features needed for a subscription business that takes into account the channel ecosystem. In this collaboration, based on the abundant global introduction results (deployed in 68 countries around the world, used by 40% of major telecommunications companies worldwide), we will provide solutions at the time of system introduction and services from a technical point of view. We support the early realization of the subscription ecosystem.

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