Codility Report on Engaging Developers at Work Unlocks Insights for Building Stronger Engineering Teams


Codility, a platform that enables companies to build stronger engineering teams, released its Engaging Developers at Work Report and corresponding insights to help technical leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers compete for top engineering talent.

Based on a global survey of thousands of developers, the report sheds light on the software developer community, what methodologies help them succeed faster, what gets them engaged in their roles, and what employers can do to engage top talent.

“Today, every company is becoming a tech company, so getting the engineering team right is key,” said Natalia Panowicz, CEO of Codility. “In this year’s survey we investigated how developers like to work — do they prefer to work remote versus onsite? Do they think engineering methodologies like TDD and pair programming drive performance? And what makes for a great work culture? We are excited to share what we have learned.”

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