CodeLogic, Inc. Launches First Comprehensive Application Dependency Mapping Solution

CodeLogic_ Inc. Launches First Comprehensive Application Dependency Mapping Solution

CodeLogic, Inc., a new enterprise software company advancing automated application dependency analysis, has launched a quick and easy solution for development teams to generate a centralized, living map of complex system architectures.

CodeLogic reveals the deep interconnectivity of application environments in real-time, allowing development teams of every size to confidently determine how to handle code refactoring and rewrites, and safely explore new features.

­­­”CodeLogic is the only tool that combines detailed code-level dependencies with runtime analytics to provide easily accessible, living documentation in one place,” said Greg Wunderle, CEO of CodeLogic, Inc. “By delivering an accurate visualization of how systems interconnect, developers can work more productively and contribute more confidently than ever before.”

CodeLogic removes the reliance on oral histories about applications and their connections and eliminates the onerous need to maintain static, outdated documentation. Developers can set custom governance rules down to the method and column and receive notifications when rules are violated.

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An impact analysis feature enables developers to predict failure points before commits are made and factually estimate project scope, so teams can better manage productivity and workflow.

Alongside living application mapping and analysis, CodeLogic offers visibility into complex platforms (ServiceNow, RedHat, and Linux) to improve upgrades, compare customized entities to defaults, and reveal dependencies between business rules, scripts, and tables.

CodeLogic’s comprehensive application analysis empowers all IT stakeholders to more effectively accomplish their goals. Developers can learn codebases faster and stay on the same page remotely, while architects can visualize systems accurately and pinpoint problem areas to modernize.

Change management teams are better able to understand the impact of changes flowing down the pipeline and assess risk, and companies can embrace digital transformation and fully onboard new resources in three-to-four weeks instead of a typical three-to-four-month period.

There are approximately 27 million developers globally, and about 30% of them change teams every year. During the first months of working in new applications, developers are typically half as effective as fully onboarded team members, requiring companies to expend extra time and resources to get developers constructive faster.

With an average annual cost of about $100,000 per year, developer productivity results in a $100 billion per year loss. With CodeLogic, companies can get developers up to speed twice as fast, saving the software industry $50 billion in productivity costs.

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