Last week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the general availability of Windows Container Support on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, known as EKS. With this update from AWS, CloudHedge’s enterprise clients who want to modernize their Windows applications to the cloud can now seamlessly deploy them on EKS clusters running Windows Containers out of the box. Previously, out of the box support for managed K8s was not available by AWS, moreover, EKS Windows support was also in the beta phase.

“This is a great addition for our enterprise customers who are migrating to Kubernetes based applications using Windows containers. This will provide a big boost to our Windows containerization customers who have been waiting for this capability to modernize their age-old legacy Windows (2003/2008) applications to AWS EKS,” says Sameer Karmarkar – CTO, CloudHedge Inc.

The support for Windows nodes on AWS EKS has been made available for clusters that are running Kubernetes Version 1.14 and above. The Kubernetes Version 1.14 includes production-level support for using Windows Nodes and scheduling Windows Containers.