Cloudera’s Data Platform Empowers LINE to Deliver Secure, Data-Driven Innovation

Cloudera, Data Platform, LINE, Data-Driven Innovation
Cloudera's Data Platform Empowers LINE to Deliver Secure_ Data-Driven Innovation

Cloudera, Inc., the enterprise data cloud company, announced that LINE Corporation has chosen Cloudera to support the growth of LINE’s AI technology-based business and the Data Science and Engineering Center (DSEC)1. To accelerate its data-driven journey while keeping user data secure, the partnership will enable LINE to manage its data lifecycle with a platform that is built on open source technologies and will future proof its journey to the cloud.

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LINE aims to bring information, services, and people closer together. With its messaging app as the cornerstone, LINE’s business encompasses mobile-first services—including communication, content, and entertainment— advertising, as well as strategic businesses in Fintech, AI, and other domains. Line’s DSEC needs to handle a large volume and variety of data and deliver insights to multiple lines of business to provide services for 186 million monthly active users around the world.

“In order to be at the forefront of innovation, it is crucial for us to be able to manage, harness, and secure big data while democratizing it,” said Cheolho Choi, Engineering Director of Data Platform and Fellow of Data Engineering, LINE Corporation. “Given Cloudera’s expertise in architecting, designing, and securing mission-critical big data platforms, we are confident that they can improve on the robust LINE data platform to speed time to value, reinforce our data security, and reduce operational costs.”

With Cloudera’s Data Platform’s enterprise-grade centralized security and governance capabilities, DSEC expects that it will be able to manage and govern data more effectively and securely by allowing operators to set and maintain metadata parameters for security, regulatory compliance, and data analytics. By unifying the data warehouses from LINE’s various services, LINE envisions that its data platform will be enhanced and users across the organization will be provided with governed, self-service analytics without compromising the safety of their data. This is also aligned with LINE’s restructuring of its organization to promote data use across businesses and departments, utilizing its massive database to its fullest extent to improve the usability of its existing services as well as create new AI-powered services and functionality.

AI, Ethics and Cyber Security The Priority for Tech Giants

“Consumers today expect businesses to offer personalized services and innovate quickly while keeping their data safe,” said Mark Micallef, Vice President of the Asia Pacific and Japan, Cloudera. “We are pleased to help LINE address those demands by empowering its users across the organization to transform its massive and complex data into clear and actionable insights using an integrated data platform that is scalable and delivers multi-function analytics with consistent security and governance.”

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