Cloud Computing Skills Shortage To Be Met By Google Cloud


Google Cloud has announced a list of initiatives aimed at closing the gap in cloud computing skills in the market. This is after Google leadership realised that while Cloud-native computing continues to gain traction among businesses and developers. According to a recent survey by OpsRamp,  94 percent of IT managers said they were having a tough time finding enough talent. To tackle that problem, Google Cloud is highlighting three initiatives:

  • An expansion of its certification programs to aid companies in evaluating potential hires, including four new categories aimed at creating more well-rounded teams of cloud developers.
  • New training options for developers to acquire the necessary skills as the company builds on its catalogue of 40 on-demand courses and nearly 300 hands-on labs.
  • The addition of training courses in more languages, including Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese to make them accessible to more people.
  • Google Cloud will be hosting free weekly webinars on Cloud OnAir, starting in February.
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