Clarivate Analytics Empowers Patent and R&D Communities to Make Faster, More Confident, Commercial and Legal Patent Decisions, with New Derwent Innovation

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Clarivate Analytics Empowers Patent and R&D Communities to Make Faster, More Confident, Commercial and Legal Patent Decisions, with New Derwent Innovation

Patent information is a powerful source of business intelligence but is inherently complex. In a recent survey, 73% of innovation leaders said they draw insights from multiple data sources and use advanced analytics to parse that data1. As patent applications recorded a ninth consecutive annual increase2 in 2018, researchers are struggling to sift through ever-growing data volumes and extract the right insights to support faster, smarter commercial and legal decision-making.

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New Derwent Innovation
Responding to these dynamics, Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, has released a new and enhanced version of Derwent Innovation, the industry-leading patent search, and analytics platform. Derwent Innovation is designed to help organizations meet the challenges of an evolving and increasingly complex global patent landscape.

Revitalized and strengthened with a new user interface, the new search platform is loaded with functionality that enables a diverse user set, from novice to pro, to survey the patent landscape and inform confident strategic business, IP and innovation decisions.

“Derwent has been trusted by patent researchers for more than 50 years,” said Jeff Roy, President IP Group, Clarivate Analytics. “The new Derwent Innovation, which represents our commitment to building upon that legacy, is designed to enable organizations to harness the power of patent intelligence with precision and improved ease.  It offers a modern and intuitive user interface and includes a new insights dashboard and data visualization charts so that a diverse set of users across the innovation lifecycle can easily search, analyze and access in-depth patent data.”

Powerful, accurate insights
The use cases of patent intelligence are expanding, with patent data increasingly being consumed outside of an organization’s IP department, by R&D teams and in the boardroom to support commercial decision-making.  These dynamics have placed pressure on the patent search and analytics solutions that must provide powerfully, accurate insights innovation leaders can trust in a far more intuitive way.

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Expanded global content and AI-powered predictive analysis
Built on Derwent’s Global Patent Data, including the Derwent World Patent Index, the new Derwent Innovation continues to provide the accuracy trusted by patent researchers globally. Capitalizing on Derwent’s market-leading data and data science capabilities, the improved solution includes new AI-powered predictive analytics metrics that improve insight into a patent’s ownership, legal status, and impact. The new Derwent Innovation will also include expanded global full-text patent data that will be added throughout 2020.  As the most comprehensive single source of patent information worldwide, Derwent Innovation offers a truly global view of the patent landscape, where organizations can better understand the dynamics of the competitive landscape, explore new technology options or identify market opportunities.

Derwent’s user community has been instrumental in the development of the latest version of Derwent Innovation. Different user types, including information professionals, R&D analysts and patent attorneys from around the globe, were part of the Derwent Innovation Board, providing vital feedback that influenced new functionality and the design of the new platform.

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