CipherHealth, the leading healthcare software, and communications technology company, is proud to announce it is celebrating its 10th year of providing innovative solutions that help achieve better patient outcomes through enhanced communication.

Since 2009, CipherHealth has been delivering innovative patient engagement solutions to help healthcare providers secure the best possible outcomes and experiences for their patients by fostering connections and touchpoints along the healthcare journey.

CipherHealth has built the most comprehensive and integrated patient engagement platform in the industry. Its solutions are now being deployed by hundreds of leading healthcare organizations across the country – including hospitals and health systems, physician groups, home health agencies, clinics, and health plans. These partners are better able to keep patients safe, on the path to recovery, and actively involved in their health and wellbeing.

Moreover, as the 2019 KLAS Double Category Leader for Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding, CipherHealth is a proven partner in gaining and sustaining improvements in patient and clinician engagement, readmissions reduction, and HCAHPS improvement.

In fact, Healthcare organizations partnering with CipherHealth have experienced a 48% reduction in hospital readmissions and a 37% drop in overall harm rate. Hospitals have demonstrated gains in their HCAHPS scores at twice the rate of the national average. Additionally, partners with CipherHealth have reported more than a 50% improvement in staff satisfaction as a result of being able to better track and trend patient experience and outcome information.