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CHILDLY’s Dove Wallet Partners with Argos to Provide AML Solution

By ET Bureau - January 15, 2020 1 Mins Read

CHILDLY announced that they have partnered with Argos, a global crypto KYC/AML solution provider, to build the automated compliance solution into the Dove Wallet and tighten its compliance standards as new regulatory demands come into place. Dove Wallet is CHILDLY’s crypto wallet service that introduces anti-money laundering (AML) and customer identification (KYC) solutions.

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With the introduction of Argos KYC/AML solution, Dove Wallet expects to be able to comply with AML regulatory environments around the world more efficiently. It is also possible to prepare for the passage of an amendment to the Special Measure by the Korean government, which included the basis for implementation, along with last year’s FATF policy recommendation.

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“All aspects related to compliance and information protection is the utmost priority for Dove Wallet. We will continue to leverage the benefits of best compliance technologies available to provide a safe and legal crypto environment to our customers,” says Euntai Kim, CEO of CHILDLY.


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