Centrical Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams

Centrica, Microsoft Teams
Centrical Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams

Centrical, a provider of holistic employee engagement and real-time performance management platform for Fortune 500 companies, announced an integration with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s unified communications and collaboration hub. Organizations on Teams will now be able to use Centrical to motivate, train, and help employees set and pursue performance goals directly from the Microsoft platform.

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“A major operational challenge the COVID-19 pandemic has created for large businesses is being able to manage the experience and performance of the great number of employees now working from home. The integration of Centrical with Microsoft Teams helps solves that, easily and effectively,” said Gal Rimon, Centrical’s Founder and CEO. “Centrical for Teams helps to create a ‘new normal’ for connecting employees with their managers, to each other, aligning on goals as well as having the drive to perform.”

The Centrical for Teams integration provides companies with a proven-effective way to create a routine for employees’ new workstyle but with familiar elements, they will find reassuring. Leaderboards, challenges, and missions are all there as is the ability to recognize and reward stellar performance. In addition, Centrical’s structured and closed-loop communications capability makes conversations between managers and employees highly productive, even if they’re miles apart. Along with that, it lets organizations rapidly reskill or upskill employees to handle shifting roles and responsibilities by way of quickly deployed remote learning programs.

Performance Management on Teams
“The Centrical integration adds a layer of employee performance management capabilities that makes Microsoft Teams even more beneficial for organizations,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. “Centrical on Teams keeps remote employees focused on their goals, maintain their skills, or develop new ones and allows for peer recognition, a valuable way to keep employees connected to each other.”

A compelling aspect of the Centrical for Teams integration is the Centrical Bot. It allows for automated push notifications with user interactivity for things like daily updates on scores or KPI results, and reminders to complete learning activities. It also lets polling be conducted so businesses can quickly grasp the mindset of employees – either company-wide, at the unit level, or individually. In addition, users can share badges they’ve earned in their Teams channels to earn recognition for their efforts from peers and managers.

The Centrical Bot can also act as a focal point for gamified performance challenges and microlearning. The data from those and other activities using game mechanics can be pushed to the Centrical platform where it can be used to assign points for achieving KPIs, completing learning activities, or correctly answering quizzes – creating a helpful, fun competition that encourages participation.

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An Improved Employee Experience
This integration brings to Teams the powerful blend of real-time performance management and personalized microlearning with advanced gamification, uniquely offered by the Centrical platform. It enhances the employee experience on Teams in terms of engagement, learning, and performance through these features and functions that are part of the integration.

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