Cellebrite Expands Industry-Leading Digital Intelligence Platform with the Launch of SaaS Based Investigative Digital Evidence Management System

Cellebrite Expands Industry-Leading Digital Intelligence Platform with the Launch of SaaS Based Investigative Digital Evidence Management System-01

Cellebrite, a global leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, today announced the release of a new version of Cellebrite Guardian, now the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based investigative digital evidence management system (DEMS) designed to transform evidence and workflow management throughout the entire investigative process. Guardian is the latest offering in Cellebrite’s end-to-end Investigative Digital Intelligence (DI) Platform, trusted by agencies across the globe to transform their investigations to become smarter, faster, and more efficient.

Guardian provides unique and innovative capabilities that will help agencies address their “big data” investigative challenges and siloed working groups.  This is done through linking multiple parts of the investigative workflow: evidence management, storage, sharing, reporting and unmatched review capabilities – together in one simple, secure, and scalable system, to get to the relevant facts of the case more quickly.

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“Digital evidence management is top of mind for public safety agencies globally as they continue to put a focus on implementing strategies to manage digital evidence and protect privacy as part of investigations,” said Alison Brooks, Vice President for IDC’s Worldwide and US Public Safety practices.  “Agencies are continuing to rely more and more on finding the relevant digital evidence in massive data volumes to keep the public safe. Because of this we are seeing an increasing use of investigative digital evidence management solutions, as well as cloud compute platforms in public safety to transform investigations with agility, scalability and speed.”

Accelerating Case Time-To-Resolution
A cloud-based investigative DEMS provides agencies with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative than manual processes or an on-premise system by eliminating risk and driving down the cost of storage, hardware and system maintenance spend. By leveraging the highly secure AWS GovCloud environment, Guardian also provides additional security benefits. Leveraging the benefits of running on the AWS Cloud, Guardian accelerates an agency’s case time-to-resolution and streamlines collaboration between the different stakeholders in the digital investigative process.

Eliminating Manual Processes
In many agencies, digital evidence management is still a manual, cumbersome process involving USB drives, DVDs or CD-ROMs and inadequate hardware devices to review and share large files quickly.

Cellebrite Guardian eliminates manual processes by moving the digital evidence management process into a Cloud environment. This approach:

  • Significantly reduces the risk of mishandled or lost evidence, a critical aspect of building public confidence in law enforcement
  • Provides instantly accessible, in-browser viewing of UFDR reports (files created by UFED Physical Analyzer) regardless of device or download speed, accelerating the review process and reducing hardware costs
  • Creates a unified master repository for all digital and physical evidence records, driving down expensive on-premise storage costs and relieving pressure on department budgets
  • Enables real-time collaboration between examiners, analysts, investigators, and district attorneys
  • Assures compliance with data management regulations and creates audit logs that provide visibility and transparency into the full chain of custody

“Today, agencies are looking for any edge they can get from the start of an investigation.” said Ronnen Armon, Cellebrite’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “At Cellebrite, our focus is on helping agencies transform their investigations to become smarter, faster, and more efficient. This version of Cellebrite Guardian provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to help them store, share and review digital and physical evidence, which is one of the biggest challenges they face today.”

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