Celigo is the pioneer iPaaS company in automating business processes between multiple cloud applications using a single, pre-defined integration

Celigo is the pioneer iPaaS company in automating business processes between multiple cloud applications using a single_ pre-defined integration-01

Celigo , the leading provider of Integration Platform-as-a-Service  for midsize enterprises, has announced the launch of the first and only business process automation products that can integrate multiple cloud-based applications into one central hub application. Using this hub as a central destination or source, teams use drop-down menus and out-of-the-box workflows to quickly automate an entire business process by integrating all required applications into a single cohesive flow. Celigo’s new products apply best practices and employ built-in business logic to eliminate manual processes, ensure data integrity throughout the organization, and facilitate continuous process automation without the need for costly and limited technical resources.

“Before using the Celigo platform, we were wasting many hours on manual processes and experiencing data and workflow disconnects,” explains Jeremy Vandenberg , IT information analyst at MOTIS Brands. “Now we can do full automation in much less time and we have a much more holistic view of the entire process, allowing us to make more informed business decisions.”

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“Celigo has redefined the value of an iPaaS by generating greater business impact and reducing the need for engineering resources,” says Jan Arendtsz , Celigo Founder and CEO. “We have gone from simple end-to-end integrations to offering a truly connected seamless workflow that is based on a hub application, thereby enabling our customers to achieve operational excellence and grow through optimal process automation. business “.

Three business process automation products are already on the market globally:

  • Data Warehouse Business Process Automation
  • Payout-to-Reconciliation Business Process Automation
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Business Process Automation

Data Warehouse Business Process Automation:

Celigo automates the extraction of source data from an unlimited number of business applications and then automatically uploads it to a data warehouse such as Snowflake, BigQuery, or Amazon Redshift.

It offers advantages such as:

  • Quick payback by integrating pre-defined data warehouses with out-of-the-box configurations of popular cloud-based applications
  • Easier understanding  as business analysts can more quickly move data from source systems to the data warehouse without the need for a data engineer
  • Increased options , such  as reverse ETL, to return data from the warehouse to target applications through customizations and flexible integration extensions

Payout-to-Reconciliation Business Process Automation:

Celigo automates the reconciliation of payment transactions processed through a payment gateway, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay or Braintree, with the order data contained in an ERP system.

It offers advantages such as:

  • Cost control  by managing by exception, instead of reconciling each transaction
  • Better awareness of disputes  by immediately identifying discrepancies and unsettled amounts
  • Faster month-end close  by eliminating the more time-consuming and error-prone manual reconciliation process

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Business Process Automation:

Celigo automates employee onboarding and outbound logistics by connecting human resource information systems, such as ADP, SAP SuccessFactors, and BambooHR, to other applications for payroll or provisioning.

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