CareGrove Launches CareGroveNOW to Assist Senior Living Communities Impacted by COVID-19

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CareGrove Launches CareGroveNOW to Assist Senior Living Communities Impacted by COVID-19

CareGrove, an online resident payment portal exclusively focused in Senior Living, launched a solution, CareGroveNOW in response to the national emergency that allows communities to onboard CareGrove’s QuickPay solution with zero set-up fees within 24 hours. With many senior living communities solely accepting cash and check payments, this solution equips senior living communities to immediately accept safer methods of payment such as debit cards, credit cards, and ACH payments from the remote locations, rather than requiring full-contact forms of payments.

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Why this is important:

  • Resident safety
  • Caregiver safety
  • Community operational success

“Many Senior Living communities are still only accepting cash or check payments for their rent,” said CareGrove Chief Growth Officer Trevor Gavin. “These forms of methods are not only currently unsafe, as research has proven that passing physical currency spreads germs, but it also puts the business operators at risk.”

How CareGroveNOW helps:

  • Remote Payment Flexibility
  • Exclusive focus on resident needs
  • Quick setup for Communities to provide access within 24 hours
  • Messaging function to keep families in the loop
  • Remote management flexibility
  • Zero Processing Fees*
  • Zero Setup Fees
  • Zero Monthly Fees

Processing fees for CareGroveNOW:

  • Credit Cards – 2.99%
  • Debit Cards – 0.99%
  • ACH – $0.99

*When passing the fees to the cardholder, the community does not directly pay any fees.

“We built our software for scenarios just like these where individuals do not need to be physically present to pay for their community experience,” said CareGrove CEO Jax Carrol. “Emergencies like these require technology providers to move quickly to help in any way that they can.”

Smarter Interoperability for Healthcare Organizations

The CareGrove team understands the unique and sensitive challenges business operators in the Senior Living community are facing in highly at-risk communities around the country. For this reason, CareGroveNOW offers quick setup, security, flexibility, and communication with zero set up or monthly fees and simple processing fees so that senior living caregivers and operators are able to focus on the critical task at hand.

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