Capitols signs acquisition of LMRKTS to expand and accelerate growth in its industry-leading optimization suite

Capitols signs acquisition of LMRKTS

Capitoris , a SaaS network that efficiently connects global market participants to regulatory compliance and new sources of capital, is today the industry’s leading multi-party Announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire LMRKTS, an optimization and compression provider.

The deal is expected to be completed in August, subject to certain closing conditions. Already a market leader in bidirectional compression, structured finance solutions and novations, the acquisition offers banks, asset managers and hedge funds the widest and most complete transaction compression solution available on the market. It will be possible to do.

Combining deep market expertise with a Silicon Valley mindset, Capitoris has a fast-growing customer base of over 100 of the world’s leading financial institutions. These customers are looking for opportunities to free their capital without taking additional risks by leveraging Capitolis’ innovative technology platform.

As part of the proposed transaction, the LMRKTS team will join Capitolis, increasing the depth of talent in the Capitoris optimization space and providing the ability to bring new services to the market, including multilateral compression. increase. The terms of this transaction are not disclosed.

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Gil Mandelzis, founder and CEO of Capitoris, said: “Capitoris is steadily moving towards the bold goal of transforming the capital markets, supported by the ongoing and enormous demand from the world’s most important capital suppliers. LMRKTS Park and Calquera, and With the amazing capabilities that the team has built, we can further expand the market opportunities for our products and enhance our technology. The integration of the two companies has transformed a safer, healthier and more efficient market. Will be one step closer to. ”

Hillary Park, co-founder and CEO of LMRKTS, said: “I am very proud of the company we have built, LMRKTS, and it is the clients and LMRKTS that have supported us so far that we have been able to become a leading diversified provider in the foreign exchange field. Thanks to our team and sincerely thank you. When Sandeep Calcera and I launched LMRKTS over eight years ago with Lucio Bias, the demand for network-based optimization services just began to accelerate.

Over the next four years, we’ve witnessed the widespread impact Capitris has had on the market. As a team, we are confident that we can deliver truly unmatched results to our clients. Capitoris shares our vision for the future capital market and is very pleased to integrate with it. ”

Itai Tukman, Global Head of Exchange at Citi, said: “As a customer of both Capitolis and LMRKTS, we are very pleased with the integration of the two companies and look forward to working with the integrated team in the future. Capitalis offers a truly innovative solution. Bringing to the capital markets, we support the company’s ambitious vision for the future. ”

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