Canon U.S.A. and I.R.I.S. Announce Flexible, Customizable Platform to Support Customers in Paper-Intensive Industries

Canon U.S.A. and I.R.I.S. Announce Flexible_ Customizable Platform to Support Customers in Paper-Intensive Industries

IRISXtract V5 platform is equipped to process paper-based and electronic documents through a variety of powerful features, including robotic classification and recognition

Designed to support customers across a variety of paper-intensive industries, including finance, manufacturing, human resources, legal, and healthcare, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, and I.R.I.S., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon, introduce the IRISXtract V5 platform. IRISXtract V5 is an all-in-one platform that can enable users to optimize critical business processes by automatically classifying documents, extracting essential data and exporting data and documents to compatible enterprise content management (ECM), workflow, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and/or third-party cloud systems.

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This flexible, customizable platform is equipped to process supported paper-based and electronic documents, including invoices, purchase orders, forms, data sheets, letters and emails.1 IRISXtract V5 can provide customers with advanced scanning capabilities to help them with higher scan volume needs through features like IRISXtract’s self-learning system, OCR technology and optional IRISConnect Toolbox™. Utilizing IRISXtract’s self-learning system, which is based on robotic classification, recognition, extraction and validation technologies, and OCR technology, the system can currently detect document layouts in more than 138 languages, as well as perform keyword analyses. IRISXtract V5 also offers an optional IRISConnect Toolbox™ to help users easily connect to many compatible systems, and integrate their captured information with their information systems, system folders or archives. Dedicated connectors are available for Box™, Therefore™, SharePoint®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google Drive®, OneDrive®, QuickBooks® Desktop, Laserfiche®, as well as for FTP and CMIS.1

Five multitenancy and multiple IRISXtract V5 solutions are now available, allowing customers to purchase one or multiple solutions to help meet workflow needs:

  • IRISXtract V5 Purchase Order Capture Solution: Helps customers optimize their business processes by automating the capture of invoice data while minimizing the costs and errors associated with manual data entry. This solution is pre-configured to meet many of the typical capture requirements with the ability to perform extraction of key index fields, like invoice date, invoice number and line items, as well as match purchase orders against files within supported ERP/accounting systems.This application can also be easily customized to meet specific user needs.
  • IRISXtract V5 Accounts Payable Capture Solution: Enhances business processes by automating the capture of purchase order data, while also helping to limit errors and costs associated with manual data processing. This offering is pre-configured to meet many standard purchase order capture requirements, including the ability to extract key fields such as issued date, customer order number and delivery address. It can also be customized to accommodate specific user needs.
  • IRISXtract V5 Digital Mailroom Automation Solution: As document classification and data extraction are often among the first steps to efficient business process optimization, this solution is capable of processing complex and high-volume documents of virtually any type and source to help customers efficiently manage paper-based and electronic documents. This solution offers tools to help capture, perform document classification and data extraction, and route relevant information to the intended recipient(s).
  • IRISXtract V5 Hybrid Forms Processing Solution: By combining multiple, proprietary data capture techniques, this application can help users extract indexes within structured and hybrid forms. Hosted by IRISXtract, the solution can capture and route targeted data to one or more compatible applications1, helping to make captured data available for fast, easy retrieval.
  • IRISXtract V5 Document Converter Solution: A scalable and modular solution that can be set up to automatically convert documents into searchable and hyper-compressed files (up to 50x smaller) for editing and long-term archiving with limited compromise to image quality.

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“For paper-intensive industries, it is imperative for businesses to be equipped with solutions that can help streamline efficiency and productivity through high-quality, customizable features such as those IRISXtract provides,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This platform aligns with Canon’s dedication to providing our customers with solutions that meet their needs, and we’re proud to continue delivering on that commitment.”

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