CampTek Software the leader in Robotic Process Automation(RPA) announced that it has successfully completed the rollout of its AI and ML cloud-based InvoiceBot Solution. Until now, most invoice processing approaches have been piecemeal and are not always comprehensive.  Because there is no standard way of setting up invoices, they can be complex and varied depending on the source.

IoT and Data Privacy – Risk Reduction Promising Better Business Management

Therefore, an Intelligent Document Platform is needed. InvoiceBot extracts meaningful data from an invoice, with 100% accuracy regardless of its structure or format. Once it has this data, InvoiceBot will take the data and enter it into any software application.  InvoiceBot combines the most reliable and robust approaches to effectively process invoices.

“The InvoiceBot is a complete solution, it can recognize any invoice and input it into any application.  In these times, we believe that it’s important for organizations to achieve “Day One Value” for any expenditure made and InvoiceBot is just that,” Peter Camp, CTO & Founder of CampTek Software stated.

Data Analytics – the Force Behind the IoT Evolution

InvoiceBot performs the following tasks:

  • Extracts all meaningful data from an invoice
  • Automatically processes invoices regardless of the format
  • Allows the user to review invoices before submission
  • Becomes smarter with each invoice processed
  • Inputs data into ANY application