C3 AI end-to-end enterprise AI platform obtains robust U.S. comprehensive patents

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C3 AI today announced that the company’s enterprise-end artificial intelligence (AI) AI solution C3 ® Suite to get a wide range of integrated The patent has further consolidated its position as a leader in enterprise AI software, will accelerate the digital transformation and enhance the intellectual property rights and competitive advantages of C3 AI.

This newly issued U.S. patent (No. 10,817,530) was granted for “Systems, Methods and Equipment for Enterprise AI Application Development Platforms”. The patent not only includes advanced data processing and AI application development, but also includes a wide range of technologies required to build an end-to-end enterprise AI platform, including C3 AI’s unique model-driven architecture.

C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel said: “This patent is the most important and substantive patent we have obtained so far. When we filed a patent application a few years ago, no one thought of a model-driven architecture. An end-to-end integrated solution that can speed up delivery and reduce the complexity of enterprise AI application development and maintenance.

This comprehensive patent further enhances our leadership and maturity in the market, and protects our own intellectual property rights And the customer’s commitment to ensure that customers have the ability and confidence to rapidly deploy and expand AI, thereby driving the entire enterprise to create high-value results.”

This comprehensive patent protects many methods and technologies that can be used to develop enterprise AI applications, including:

  • Use model-driven architecture to “design, develop, deploy, and execute next-generation virtual and real integrated software applications and business processes”
  • “Advanced data aggregation methods, data persistence methods, data analysis and application of machine learning methods”
  • “Using model-driven architecture to achieve abstraction and continuous processing of aggregated data”
  • Embed various functions into “model-driven architecture type systems, and make operational recommendations based on real-time analysis of PB-level data sets and telemetry data from millions to billions of endpoints.”
  • Use the ontology or canonical data model of “conceptualized domain model containing various attributes and processes related to different entities or domains”, where “various attributes and processes include persistence, data representation, data interrelationship, computing process or machine Learning algorithm” and “extensible to allow users of the application development platform to integrate new data formats”
  • A standardized data format, “including the aggregation and association of two or more data formats associated with multiple data storage, while at the same time, ensuring the automatic and guaranteed referential integrity of two or more basic data formats” , Among them, “standardized data formats are automatically disclosed and accessible through a RESTful interface”
  • “A method that includes: storing time series data in key-value storage, and storing non-time series data in a relational database; and realizing a combination of key-value storage and relational database on the application development platform. The abstraction of data storage. The abstraction includes a metadata-based mapping framework for multiple data formats associated with multiple data storage. “

Bruce Sewell, director of C3 AI and former general counsel of Apple and Intel, said: “This seems to be a groundbreaking patent. Reading carefully will reveal many basic concepts that are both necessary and necessary for the deployment of enterprise AI applications. Full.”

After more than ten years of investment, C3 AI has built a leading platform to bring enterprise AI solutions to industries with global and industrial scales to promote digital transformation.

C3 AI Suite is a scalable, production-ready enterprise AI solution that organizations can use to quickly design, develop and deploy enterprise-level AI applications in any public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

It allows organizations to integrate and unify a large number of scattered data sets from different enterprises and external data storage and sensors, and apply machine learning algorithms to generate predictive insights, thereby improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing revenue, enhancing security and Improve profitability.

The core of C3 AI Suite is an open model-driven architecture that can greatly simplify and accelerate the development of data science and enterprise AI applications, from data integration and data management to model development, verification, and deployment.

With the model-driven architecture of C3 AI, a small developer team can build and deploy enterprise AI applications in a few weeks by using the conceptual model of all the elements required by the application. Compared with other methods, the code is reduced. 99%.

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C3 AI is currently establishing a Technology Licensing Office to enable third-party vendors to license C3 AI patented technology for use in their products and solutions.

This new patent was issued after the issuance of a patent for advanced data processing methods. C3 AI also holds other patents in the fields of network security, fraud detection and energy data processing.

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