Brytlyt Unleashes Serverless GPU-Acceleration for Analytics

Brytlyt Unleashes Serverless GPU-Acceleration for Analytics-01

Brytlyt is the world’s first serverless software-as-a-service analytics platform with GPU acceleration, bringing revolutionary serverless analytics for unparalleled experience and performance.

This innovative serverless SaaS platform transforms the way individuals and businesses leverage their data, providing users with advanced end-to-end database, analytics and visualisation capabilities. All functionality is also enhanced by integrated AI and speed of thought processing power.

Formally considered an out-of-reach resource, Brytlyt is making advanced GPU-accelerated analytics accessible and affordable for everyone, allowing users access to a simple pay-as-you-go model, with optimal flexibility and performance for customers without hidden costs. Brytlyt has the power to process evolving billion-row datasets in milliseconds thanks to highly compatible technology and patented algorithms, without expensive setup costs.

Businesses can simply sign up to leverage the power of accelerated analytics on-demand, without any of the additional hardware, maintenance or costs of traditional solutions. A free version is also available.

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What is serverless analytics

Brytlyt’s serverless platform means users only need a browser to access the company’s full suite of accelerated analytics technology running on cloud-based GPU hardware. This can be accessed whenever they want, for however long they want.

This unique platform brings the power of advanced data analytics to everyone by removing the need for expensive, unscalable technology that requires specialist skills. Users can now leverage speed-of-thought performance on large evolving datasets, without compromise and in a cost-effective way.

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