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Brytlyt Creates an Analytics Workbench Without Compromise

By ET Bureau - September 16, 2019 2 Mins Read

Brytlyt, Analytics

A data analytics workbench helps people to see and understand their data. But in today’s world of big data and real-time analytics, our visualization tools are struggling to meet the demands of customers who want to unlock the full potential their data holds. What data analysts are finding is that for their visualization tool to perform well they need to compromise.

Brytlyt is a UK start-up with a GPU-accelerated database that is independently proven to be the fastest GPU database in the world. After discovering that other commercially available products couldn’t keep up with the speed of their database, Brytlyt realized they needed to build their own visualization tool. Brytlyt’s visualization workbench, SpotLyt, was born and you don’t even need to use it with GPU acceleration to see the benefits.

Richard Heyns, CEO, and Founder of Brytlyt, says “Customers are finding that their visualization tool responds slowly if their data is too big or too complex. At Brytlyt we decided to build a tool that works for you, not the other way around. Keep your massive dataset, fill the dashboard with all the charts you desire and have as many complexes joins and queries as you please. SpotLyt has been fine-tuned and optimised to ensure users have an incredibly responsive experience, that no other vendors can match.”


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