Brief-Lynx Announces New Patent Approval for Linking Technology

Brief-Lynx , Patent Approval , Linking Technology

Brief-Lynx, Inc., the technology innovation pioneers enabling easy, fully-hyperlinked electronic briefs for lawyers and judges worldwide, announces that it has been granted U.S. patent approval for its Document Enhancement System and Method. This latest Brief-Lynx patent (US Patent 10,339,208) deepens the company’s ability to provide fully automated hyperlinking within a couple of hours – a fraction of the multiple days that are typically required by other electronic brief linking providers to do the same work.

“This patent approval extends what we have known about automating hyperlink-generation technology since 2007,” said David Vanderport, Brief-Lynx CEO. “Our customers can quickly create, edit and package fully-hyperlinked documents in hours, not days.” Vanderport also shared that the cloud-based Brief-Lynx solution requires just 10 seconds to hyperlink each individual link in a court document, compared to the 1.5-2 minutes per link required when using off-the-shelf programs and/or working with full-service link providers.

Brief-Lynx has held patents in computer-implemented, dynamic response interactions within rendered documents since 2007 when it won approval for U.S. Patent 8,219,543 and U.S. Patent 9,037,566.

Well-organized exhibits that are easy to access and quickly bring focus to key arguments are essential for winning legal cases. However, using traditional off-the-shelf products for making electronic hyperlinked briefs, reports or exhibit lists is difficult to complete under tight deadlines. Using the world-leading technology developed and patented by Brief-Lynx, law firms and their clients can deliver interactive, fully linked electronic briefs and exhibit lists that save time, reduce costs and eliminate errors.