BrandQuad Releases a Major Upgrade of Its eCommerce Insights Platform

BrandQuad, eCommerce

Maintaining the reputation of the highly effective provider of product content management solutions for retailers and manufacturers, BrandQuad releases the next version of eCommerce Insights Platform. New functionality includes improved content check engine that allows managers to make the process of checking if the data they’re working on is both full and relevant easier.

The introduction of the new content checker engine in the current BrandQuad’s platform will allow companies to have better control over their product information and to maintain the overall quality and relevancy of their information and assets.

The new version of BrandQuad eCommerce Insights Platform also includes a wide variety of features like:

1. Profitability and competition

Analyze products’ prices against similar products from the competitors. Monitor both price dynamics and promotional activities. Make sure that retailers adhere to the recommended retail price and receive alerts on price changes.

2. Available stock

Analyze products’ stock availability against the competitors in various retailers on the desired scale – from overall and regional to city level. Receive notification about newly out-of-stock products to schedule timely product delivery.

3. Share of e-shelf

Learn a company’s market share and maximize product availability by analyzing assortment in target retailers. E-shelf has to be as compelling as possible. Always know about any of the competitors’ new launches.

4. Searching speed

Analyze things like shopper keywords and products’ positions in the retailer’s search results. Monitor share of search by store or by brand and track dynamics to make sure consumers can easily find any product they need.

5. Consumer monitoring

Keep in touch with consumers’ reviews and ratings on retailer websites to better understand their needs. Full-text search across reviews allows to easily pick up consumer desires.

6. Full coverage

Monitor both mobile and desktop versions of retailer websites. Track banner advertisements across the web. Get information from the most popular review websites.

7. Be in touch

Always stay connected and react as fast as possible. All analysis modules come with insightful email notifications to quickly take action if necessary.

8. KPI dashboard

Set up agile KPIs for target product groups. Monitor their achievements in dynamics to gain competitive advantage.