BORN Group a leading digital agency with a focus on experience management and enterprise commerce solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new strategic framework, Stella. Stella comes from the Latin word for star, which is every day yet universal aspiration of brands to reach high, excel and provide superior offerings. With Stella, BORN combines brand and behavioral experiences on a foundation of data, with the goal of elevating overall customer engagement and conversion across connected channels.

The first aspect of Stella, brand experience, is addressed by BORN’s core offerings which include creative design (UX/UI), content production (personalized media), integration and data science. The behavioral experience layer of Stella addresses how people engage and transact on channels such as web, mobile, social, voice, stores, events, print, broadcast, radio, displays, gaming, packaging, mail and iOT appliances. Finally, Stella’s data layer provides for the integration and interaction of the first two layers with an enterprise’s underlying books of record, such as CRM, OMS, ERP and other systems. These systems capture the essential attributes that define success, including; financials, client centricity, customer satisfaction, and supply chain efficiency.

Dilip Keshu, Chief Executive Officer of BORN, said, “CX, an often used and somewhat cliched term, is a combination of multi-channel brand engagement and behavioral data grounded inaccurate books of record, connecting the front and back-office operations, to produce immersive, memorable and thoughtful experiences. Stella connects the dots between these various domains.”